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Best Apps Similar to Canvas Student

Best Apps Similar to Canvas Student

Canvas Student, an online learning management system developed by Instructure, Inc., is a popular tool among students and teachers alike. It offers a variety of features and tools to help make the teaching and learning process easier for both parties. But it isn’t perfect, and there are some drawbacks that can be addressed with alternative applications. If you’re looking for something different than Canvas to manage your educational needs, here are five great alternatives that you should consider. 


Brightspace is an easy-to-use course management solution designed specifically for higher education institutions. The platform provides access to tools like grades tracking, discussion boards, quizzes, surveys, and more—all in one centralized location, making it easy for faculty members to assess student performance over time quickly. Additionally, Brightspace includes robust analytics capabilities allowing teachers to quickly identify areas where their students may need additional assistance or support. 


Schoology is another popular online learning management system used by schools across the country. It offers similar features as Canvas, such as integrated gradebook functionality and class rosters but also comes packed with additional features like collaboration tools which allow students to work together on projects or assignments in real time - a feature which isn’t available on Canvas yet but could be soon if enough users request it.

Blackboard Learn 

Blackboard Learn is one of the oldest players in this space, having been around since 1997! This platform provides all the basic functionalities of its competitors, such as creating courses/assignments/quizzes but also goes further, offering integrations with third party apps like Office 365 or Google Classroom so instructors can easily bring content from other sources into their lessons or activities if needed. What sets this apart from other systems ,though, is its mobile app which allows students & faculty members alike access their information no matter where they are located! 


An open source software package created in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas at Australia's Curtin University, Moodle has become one of the most widely used systems today due largely in part because anyone can modify & update its code base without needing permission from any company - giving developers more freedom than ever before when creating customizations suited towards specific educational needs. From small private schools all the way up through universities worldwide, Moodle has established itself as a powerful option when considering what elearning solution best meets individual requirements - something that cannot be said about many commercial offerings out there right now. 


Unlike most other solutions listed here, Edmodo doesn't focus solely on helping educators manage curriculum & assessments instead, they take things a step further, providing them with communication tools akin those found on social media networks - allowing parents & pupils connect directly via secure messaging services while remaining compliant with FERPA regulations (amongst others). As far as classroom functions go, however Edmodo does provide helpful options enabling teachers develop lesson plans collaborate documents etc. All said done, many find themselves drawn towards this particular product because it enables them increase interactivity inside their classrooms unlike anything else currently available. 

No matter which application you decide upon, these five represent some great choices should you want something different than Canvas for managing your educational needs, whether at home, school, university etc. Each offer unique benefits depending upon individual requirements meaning there's sure be something perfectly suited each user regardless preference, style, budget size etc. With new updates being released continuously, chances are high even better versions will emerge within near future, so keep eyes peeled lest you miss out amazing opportunities advance learning experiences using technology today, tomorrow beyond.

24 Feb 2023